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Our group aims to theoretically AND experimentally investigate various quantum properties of light-matter interaction for applications in future optoelectronic devices, quantum information processing, and sensing. Moreover, we explore associated fundamental phenomena, such as many-body physics, that could emerge in such physical systems. Our research is at the interface of quantum optics, condensed matter physics, quantum information sciences, and more recently, machine learning.


  • Quantum Simulation
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  • Machine Learning in quantum systems hero image
  • Topological photonics hero image

Research Publications

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  • Graphic representations of spectrally and spatially-resolved diffusion pattern

    Excitonic Mott insulator in a Bose-Fermi-Hubbard system of moiré WS2/WSe2 heterobilayer

    August 18, 2023
  • Hero image for Strongly correlated electron–photon systems

    Strongly correlated electron–photon systems

    July 4, 2022

    In a Nature Perspective, we highlight a paradigm based on controlling light–matter interactions that provides a way to manipulate and synthesize strongly correlated quantum matter. Photon-mediated superconductivity, cavity fractional quantum Hall physics and optically driven topological phenomena in low dimensions are among the frontiers discussed in this Perspective.

  • Boson Sampling

    Boson Sampling for Generalized Bosons (Video)

    June 23, 2022

    Recent progress on quantum random sampling protocols such as random circuit sampling (interacting) and boson sampling (non-interacting) demonstrate an advantage of quantum information processing. Is there an intermediately interacting regime where the random sampling becomes intractable in a classical setting and becomes feasible on a quantum device? We found that such an intermediately interacting regime could be feasibly utilized by a generalization of current boson sampling protocols.

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